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Hebert Aguilar

Was born in San Francisco and has lived in the Bay Area all of his life. He has been dancing ever since he can remember, inspired by Michael Jackson to learn Hip-Hop, Break dancing, Popping, Tutting, and by his parents to learn Latin dance at family parties. He was introduced to Salsa in his sophomore year of high school and immediately fell in love with it, going every summer to classes and taking his dancing career to the next level by performing at social events, festivals, and getting trained by professionals in the Latin dance world. At age 15 he began instructing Salsa at Colleges and Ballrooms, he went to college during the summer breaks in high school to expanded his repertoire with other dance genres such as Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Waltz, Bachata, Mambo, Rumba, Cha cha cha, East Coast Swing, and more.

He found his true passion in the Cuban salsa genres known as Casino, and Rueda de Casino, featuring multiple couples constantly switching partners with fun and intriguing moves. He has performed at many different locations including San Francisco, Vancouver Washington, Hawaii, Miami and more and he is bringing the "heat" to the dance floor showcasing his drive and passion for dance. Directing his own dance Company, "Timba Heat Dance Co." for more than five years has taken him to many locations while incorporating his own fusion of different styles. He adds a unique flavor to his Choreography and Classes. New learners are encouraged not to be shy to ask him for a dance in a social setting as he is more than happy to dance with new friends in or outside of class.

Herbet Aguilar

Hebert wants all to enjoy the intense energy he brings to the dance floor because he wants to make sure everyone leaves with that energy as well!

"Hebert Aguilar, Founder of Timba Heat Dance Company"

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